A sign of the things to come? An AI robot trained in method acting will be the lead star in a $70 million sci-fi movie

Every day we learn about new discoveries concerning COVID-19 and every day we come up with ingenious ways of living despite it still haunting our planet. Like most suffering businesses even the movie business has suffered a great deal but people are smart and finding ways to carry on despite the ordeals which is how the world has got a robot as its lead actress. Come to think of it this really does work for a science fiction film while keeping in mind safety precautions and minimizing the human count on set. A.I. robot named Erica will star in b, a $70m sci-fi film set backed by Bondit Capital Media (the financiers behind the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent) and New York’s Ten Ten Global Media. The story of b seems to be a very interesting one; it goes that a scientist discovers hazards linked to a program he created to perfect human DNA and then helps the artificially intelligent woman Erica, his robot escape. In reality, Japanese scientists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa created Erica and are responsible for her acting skills. The robot clearly has no experience to base her acting on however the creators have applied the principles of method acting to artificial intelligence and Voila! an actress is born. The A.I.robot was literally born to play the role of Erica something actresses usually say for the role of a lifetime.

The director of b and the human co-star for Erica are not yet cast and appointed, but producers filmed some of her scenes in Japan in 2019 and after an unexpected sabbatical they expect to shoot the rest of b in Europe in June of 2021.

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[Via: Hollywood Reporter]

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