A water treadmill that makes exercise fun and injury free

Exercising isn’t fun for a lot of people, but what if you get to combine the benefits of exercise with the pleasure of a spa? Yep, that kind of magic does exist sometimes and it’s called Water Walker! The name is pretty self-explanatory and water walker is in fact an “underwater” treadmill. It is made in Japan and doesn’t focus on just the fitness angle but overall good health which includes injury and pain-free exercise routines. Water walker includes a transparent “tub” which provides you with a space to do it all like jogging and relaxing with hydro-massage. The setup resembles a bathtub, except that it has transparent sides and it is significantly taller, and it, of course, has a moving surface at the bottom for treading. The unusually tall height is necessary to allow chest level of water to be filled. Of the many benefits of exercising in water, a few are, stimulating the circulation, strengthening your muscles, reduces swelling and helps to fight water retention. Our body weight is significantly reduced in water and, in consequence, the impact of exercise on joints is also reduced. For those lazy days when you don’t want to exercise at all you can use the water walker as a spa only.

Water Walker comes with a monitor which permits the adjustment of all functions: it is possible to check performance data, set the intensity (modifying the incline and speed of the treadmill) and choose the music (or video) to which to exercise.


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