Asia has more millionaires than Europe but less than North America

We have been seen the shift from the West to the East in everything. While people have only been witnessing or experiencing the changes, now it has been established that Asia is the next super power. According to the 15th annual World Wealth Report by Merrill Lynch’s wealth management division and consultancy Capgemini, Asia has more millionaires than Europe and is racing to even over take North America. It stated that the Asia-Pacific region had 3.3 million people worth $1 million or more in 2010. It also said that economies in the region were growing much quicker than the developed nations, accumulating the list of millionaires.

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Asia had been climbing the beanstalk of wealth for a while longer as a couple of years ago it raised Europe to top slot for having a bigger combined wealth. Of the total world wealth of $42.7 trillion in 2010, Asia boasted of $10.8 trillion after North America with $11.6 trillion. Asian countries that stood out in the report included Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore and India.

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