At almost $7,000 could this be the world’s most expensive bottle of gin?

If Gin and Tonic is your drink of choice then sit up and take notice. Silent Pool Distillers, a distillery based in the UK, has created what could be the largest and most expensive bottle of gin in the world. This nine liter bottle, is set to go on display at Hedonism Wines in Mayfair, London, on 10 March.

You might be wondering why a bottle of gin, no matter how large, needs to be on display. Well, this masterpiece has been has been hand painted and signed by artist Laura Barrett and contains Silent Pool’s 24 botanical gin which was launched last November following years of research and trials. The design painted on the bottle has been inspired by the ingredients of the gin, the area in which it is created, as well as local mythology.

Priced at a whopping £5,000 (that’s a little under $7,000), this takes the title of being the world’s most expensive bottle of gin dethroning Cambridge Distillery’s Watenshi Gin, which previously held the title with a price tag of £2,000 ($2,800).

[ Via : Thespiritsbusiness ]

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