Athina Onassis denies rumors of selling her Skorpios island

Athina Onassis, the granddaughter of shipping magnate Aristotle, has laid all rumors relating to her private family island rest as she finally released a statement saying that she has no plans of selling her Skorpios island. It was reported earlier that the exotic island in the Ionian Islands in Greece was being offered for sale for EUR 120 million ($170 million). The family island, which hosted Onassis and the widow of late U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, in 1968, is a huge private island that is completely closed for outsiders. Besides the Onassis house, the island has a Pink House (villa of Jacky Kennedy), tennis courts, and parks. There are also two lovely beaches, a beautiful chapel, a chapel where Onassis married Jacky Kennedy, and her family members’ cemetery. On hearing the news of this historic island’s sale, apparently Big Wigs, including Bill Gates, Madonna, and billionaire Roman Abramovich were all said to have shown an interest. But the statement by the 24-year-old heiress denying plans of selling this family island has stopped rumor mills from speculating and spreading the news about the new owners of this beautiful island. According to the statement, Athina was very upset and hurt over the news of her selling the island.

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The statement further said that the island holds a lot of sentimental value to the heiress, and hence she would never consider selling it.
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