Banana wins: Duct-taped banana sells for a whopping $120,000 at Art Basel Miami

I’ve never had a great liking for fruits, and never in my life did I imagine that a banana would so strongly induce a sense of annoyance in me. Yes, a banana that’s just a regular banana from a store in Miami is currently the cause of my exasperation with life. Reason: A banana, (not god’s banana) duct-taped to a wall went on a sale at Art Basel Miami Beach this week. Funny thing is that they managed to sell it and that too at a more than hefty price of $120,000. And if you’re gobsmacked that someone actually pulled this stunt off; let me tell you not one but three people engaged in the buying of a duct-taped banana making the artist increase the price to a whopping $150,000. The work, by Maurizio Cattelan, was presented by Perrotin, a contemporary art gallery founded in Paris that has had a long association with the Italian artist. There is a disclaimer for potential buyers which states there are no clear instructions about what to do if the bananas start to decompose. Clue: throw the $120,000 worth banana away and replace it with one that costs next to nothing.

Cattelan is known for sculptures that challenge popular culture. One of his artworks that we featured earlier was the 18-carat-gold toilet valued at around $6 million; the one that was ripped out of a wall and stolen from Bleinheim Palace in England.


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