If Bruce Wayne ever added a musical touch to the Bat Cave, it would be with this $100,000 piano

If pianos could be a superhero, Alpange’s $100,000 limited edition piano, part of the Wayne Enterprises Experience, might be the mightiest. Showcased by Warner Brothers Discovery Global Consumer Products and Relevance International, the piano will be part of an assemblage of luxury brand collaborations taking place from June 3-10. The digital piano, featuring 14 high-fidelity acoustic diffusers, not only ups the ante of the enjoyable piano experience but is also setting a new benchmark with disruptive technology, digital functionalities, and an elegant design that makes it a perfect addition to any space.

The Alpange piano will impress artists and connoisseurs alike with impressive inclusions like self-play, instant modification of the sounds, connection with other players remotely, sharing of musical moments, and exclusive playlists. Yes, this piano is a sort of musical superhero for a reason, and there is more. Made in France, the instrument comes with a wireless microphone to allow singing while playing, all automatically saved in the piano’s infinite memory.

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Technology simplifies life, and in the case of the Alpange piano, it can be easily transported and does not require tuning. The Alpange piano is worth $100,000, a mimited-edition beauty unveiled for Wayne Enterprises Experience.

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