Battlefield 4 gold battlepack goes up the wall as a $2500 gilded print

Gaming is a proper lifestyle for many, and hardcore gamers love to fancify their dungeons with collectibles and authentic merchandise. It’s not uncommon that these game-related memorabilia go for a couple of hundred dollars. Still, a limited edition collectible from the game Battlefield 4 quite literally pushes the definition of extravagance. The gold battle pack in the Battlefield 4 is a bundle of some of the rarest things in the game and helps push up the rank and player status, so its desirability is quite understandable. But the developers of the game, DICE, have quite literally over-glorified the gold briefcase by making high-resolution prints of it hand-embellished and gilded using actual 24-carat gold leaf and gold paint.

Limited to 10 in number and sequenced accordingly, the prints are being sold by Art dealers Cook & Becker alongside some concept art from the game. The rendering is minimalistic and comes in a gold-colored metal frame. It is priced at $2500, making it one of the costliest video game memorabilia.

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[Available at Cook-and-Becker]

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