BBluxury gives gadgets glamorous makeovers using gold, platinum and Swarovski

To bb or not to bb, that is the question NOT. In a world of Swarovski-studded, gold-plated vibrancy, there is no questioning BBLuxury’s role in doling out ultimate style and superfluity. A first-of-its-kind service in the Gulf and the Middle East, its bb style and bb luxury are every luxe-loving man or woman’s answer to their gadget customization fantasies. It has some major football teams fawning over its custom-tastic artistry.

In just one year, BBLuxury has spread its bling over the continent. Based in Dubai, the brand believes in spoiling your gadgets in the best way possible, “with us, your phone is no longer a plain mechanical tool, but rather a fancy device that reflects your character.” No wonder the large and ever-increasing social media fan base! If you’re not among them, you will be because, fan or not, everyone wants their devices decked out in bespoke luxury. Customers’ gadgets can be personalized with their requested customization, and logo engraving or new ones can be purchased and sent for further sprucing.

As if that highly coveted iPhone wasn’t enough, you can now soak the smartphone in any of three different unique solutions, 24ct. Gold, platinum, or rose gold, thanks to bb luxury. All under warranty. Not to mention, scintillating Swarovski. Or you can go vivid with one of bbstyle’s 12 vital colors variety! Your gadget-glamming call! The same goes for iPads and Blackberries. So while a Rose Gold Lavish iPhone5 retails for $1,870, a pop Purple Crush is for $1,070, and a decadent Blackberry Porsche Design with gold-plating glints of $3,100.

Note – This is the sponsor post from BBluxury

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