Bentley partners with Graf von Faber-Castell to launch luxury writing instruments and accessories

It’s not uncommon for luxury carmakers to collaborate with other high-end brands to put their insignia other highly desirable products. Bentley is one of the brands which constantly keeps exploring such collaborative opportunities with luxury lifestyle brands. The British carmaker’s latest similar collaboration comes in the form of a new and exclusive partnership with Graf von Faber-Castel – the luxury marque of famous German stationary brand Faber-Castell. The partnership between the two brands has spawned a collection of luxury writing instruments and accessories that combine timeless design, passion for precision and extraordinary craftsmanship.

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Called the Graf von Faber-Castell for Bentley collection, it includes three ranges of writing instruments and matching accessories. The entire range of products in the collection was jointly designed, developed and manufactured by Graf von Faber-Castell and Bentley to showcase their joint commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship. Chris Cooke, head of product design, Bentley Motors, and Count Charles von Faber-Castell, Head of Premium Graf von Faber-Castell, worked together closely to design the products that evoke classic elegance, distinctive design and unparalleled attention to detail – qualities associated with Bentley for almost a hundred years. The collection will be available worldwide from September 1, 2018 for sale from 220 euros to 390 euros to the Graf von Faber-Castell stores, department stores, specialty stores, online and selected Bentley dealerships. Next year, the collection will be expanded to include more pens series and a limited special edition.

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