Big Bucks Spent to get domain

Money can buy almost anything they say. If you are one of the world’s foremost in vodka manufacturing, then spending big greens does not matter. Imperia brand from Russia spent a cool $3 million to get the domain ‘’. In their bid to expand to the U.S. market this web domain was purchased. Sure enough, the deal huge to cause the initial buzz and excitement around the vodka company. This clever marketing strategy has created the desired flutter. Russian Standard Co. (owner of the Imperia Vodka brand) controls not only two-thirds of the sales of premium vodka in Russia, but also owns Russian Standard Bank, the country’s largest private bank. Other sites that created the initial buzz with their high profile deals for generic Web domain were:,, sold for $7.5 million each and for a whopping $12 million (though there is no official confirmation to this).

The recipe for Imperia Vodka was invented by 19th-century Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev, inventor of chemistry’s periodic table of elements.

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