Bombay Sapphire’s Imagination Installation artwork intoxicates with 75,000 crystals

Bombay Sapphire has managed to wow us on more than one occasion. And this time it’s no different. In a tribute to the heritage and the origins of its product, the brand has just installed its first artwork to kick start its ‘Infused with Imagination’ campaign. Designed by London based Yehrin Tong, the Imagination Installation, is a huge three dimensional piece that sports over 75,000 sparking crystals which has been crated using a series of illustrated panels, that looks perfect if you get the right viewing angle.

The bottle is reminiscent of a “source of imagination where all the different characters on the illustrated panels come to life.” The installation weaves a story as you go around seeing the art from all possible angles. The installation also spots characters that depict aspects of the brand’s story; for instance, the lion and panther stand for pride, luxury, and sensuality. The peacock depicts exuberance, elegance, and the exotic, while the phoenix portrays imagination, encourages rebirth, new ideas, and innovation.

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