Bring in 2010 with Moet & Chandon’s Swarovski studded ‘Jewel Jeroboa’

Moet & Chandon are always experimenting with diamonds and crystals to do something about the look of their product. It is always a notch above when they get to work; they ensure you get the best. This time too, they have decided to go a level up to welcome the coming new year-2010 with a lot of oomph, glamour, and sparkles. Yes, the soft golden champagne does sparkle, but also sparkles are the 700 Swarovski crystals that have been especially embedded on the bottle that is a special 3 liter one made exclusively for New Year. The limited-edition bottles are named the ‘Jewel Jeroboa.’ Now, what better way than to celebrate with the who’s who and show off your status and hype your party’s!

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