Busy Work Shop in Hong Kong

As we have earlier talked about China becoming an international hot spot with a budding middle-class yearning for western luxuries and comforts, the new Busy Work Shop in Hong Kong bears out our article. Despite their questionable taste in music and food, the Japanese are nevertheless stylish. A Bathing Ape’s new Busy Work Shop has opened in Hong Kong which is a relatively larger store compared to the recently opened Busy Work Shop in Taiwan. Located in Hong Kong Central, the brand’s largest boutique displays will carry lines from A Bathing Ape, Bape, Apee, Bapy, and Baby Milo. In addition, the second edition of the Marvel X Bape tees will be dropping soon! Here are some new interior and product photos from the Busy Work Shop in Hong Kong.

The mall which is 2 stories high is the biggest out of all the 23 Busy Work Shops in the world. The colossal store unites each range as independent boutiques within a single department store. The design, as an array of the past store projects, has been based on the double bind concept of “orderly-chaos”, allowing the brand’s elements of entertainment and grade to coexist. Each range is represented on the exterior wall by color coded neon lights, acting as an advertisement icon towards the busy streets up front.

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