Butterflies, nature and more in a trippy form at the Saatchi gallery, London

Japanese digital creation maestro Teamlab has transformed London’s Saatchi Gallery into a visual spectacle. We especially loved the theme; ‘flutter of butterflies beyond borders’ is composed of a path surrounded by mirrors that is a portrayal of the seasonal course that flowers experience during a year. Here, the theme explored is the boundary between nature and human behaviour – flowers will keep on springing up, growing, blossoming and withering away in the real-time rendered artworks – but the viewer holds the key to affecting the cycle.

teamlab sends a flutter of butterflies 2
Created in real time by a computer programme, the artistic images are not pre- recorded or played back. What fascinated us the most is that the entire work continues to evolve and the same state will never be repeated.
teamlab sends a flutter of butterflies 3
Held during the START art fair, it shines a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. The edition of the fair runs from 10th to 13th September 2015.
teamlab sends a flutter of butterflies 4

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[Via – Designboom]

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