Celebrate Christmas with Lamborghini Accesories

This year, celebrate Christmas, Lamborghini style! Add the Italian spirit of Lamborghini to your Christmas celebrations with a range of limited edition Christmas candles, baubles and even Christmas cards. Wondering…..why would an auto maker wander in this territory? It’s simple: to fascinate all the Lamborghini fans! Lamborghini ArtiMarca, Lamborghini’s official merchandise boutique, has designed the baubles, candles and cards to provide a luxurious accompaniment to Christmas festivities in true Italian style. Beautify your tree with Lamborghini’s ceramic globes in Murcielago’s Grigio Telesto color with that famous bull and shield. You can set the mood at your holiday parties with Lamborghini candles. Using the same Grigio Telesto shade, the candles feature slow-burning wicks and are embossed with the Lambo shield and “Buon Natale,” Italian for Merry Christmas. Moreover Lamborghini offers its own line of Christmas cards with translucent yellow envelopes.

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Complete with multi-language ‘Seasons Greetings’ in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, the Christmas cards reflect the international spirit of Lamborghini and the world-wide goodwill of Christmas. To complete the Christmas tableaux, Lamborghini’s ArtiMarca range provides gifts for all: model cars, pencils and pads, mouse mats and tee shirts make ideal stocking fillers for children, whilst Automobili Lamborghini cufflinks, exclusive ladies’ wallets and card holders in Lamborghini yellow, and luxurious cashmere scarves for men and women are just a few of the gift ideas for discerning grown-ups at Christmas! Items are available from the four official Lamborghini dealerships in the UK, in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester, or on-line at www.lamborghini.co.uk.

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