China’s largest man-made bathing beach, Huanghegu-Malawan surfpark opens up

Summer is around and what’s more fun than jetting of to the beach for a fun or simply basking in the sun? We often turn stressed and sometimes a jaunt out at the beach can elevate your spirits back in action. But what about those folks who don’t stay on a coastline and cannot access the beach without traveling miles? China has thought of this and invested over 100 million yuan in building the 10-hectare Huanghegu-Malawian surf park. It is China’s largest man-made bathing beach that debuted last Saturday in Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province. It’s large enough to accommodate about 10,000 people together who can amuse themselves on it! Artificial waves in the sea can reach 3 meters high and these are created with an advanced international vacuum technique. Now that’s calls for some surfing games!

man_made_beach_china.jpgIt is stated that the local residents welcomed the Man-made bathing beach with open hands as they can now enjoy wave surfing in their own city without traveling to far away coastal destinations.

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