For the 0.1% – U-Boat Worx an ultra light weight superyatch friendly submersible

Those who love the open waters and especially the exotic marine life will agree with me that there’s nothing more beautiful on this earth than the depth of the seas; vastly unexplored and replete with exotic aquatic animals and other life forms. Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx, over the years, has come up with some stunning recreational submersibles like the C-Explorer 5 and the smaller sized C-Quester which indeed justify their description as being the limousines of subsea. Intended mostly for the yacht owners, these very-capable submersibles are still a little over-sized for some smaller luxury boats, so the manufacturer has come up with a more compact recreational submarine tailored to fit into a standard superyacht garage area. Dubbed the Super Yacht Sub 3, the marine vehicle has been specifically designed to live on board a superyacht to give its guests the ability to explore the sea floor, shipwrecks, reefs and marine life down to a depth of 100 or 300 meters (330 or 1,000 feet), depending on the configuration.

u-boat-worxThe sub by U-Boat Worx is very small and very light; it is only 171cm in height and 3,500kg in weight. The cabin of the submersible is fitted with three leather seats, a large circular window at the front and a short, cylindrical glassed-in section to allow passengers good visibility above, below and around them. It is powered by six powerful thrusters that can handle strong currents and has a 42kWh lithium-ion battery system that will allow up to 12 hours of subsea fun. Production models will be available for delivery from September 2015, and prices will start from €1,750,000 (US$2.35 million).

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