Complimentary Nestle chocolates for Swiss folks

I’m planning to relocate to Switzerland! Not only does its natural beauty and snowcapped mountains appeal to me but also the fact that Swiss food giant Nestle is considerate to distribute millions (to be precise 2 million) of bars of chocolates to Swiss households! Isn’t that amazing……if you are a chocoholic like me then you’d be thinking on the same lines too. Actually, Nestle is desperately trying to woo back its consumers who were upset with the change in the wrapper (new high tech plastic packaging designed by French architect Jean Nouvel) of the best selling Cailler brand chocolate. Philippe Oertle, a spokesman for Nestle Switzerland, said the free distribution of the 100-gram bars marked the “reconciliation of the brand with the population.” They have respected their patron’s sentiments and reverted back to the old paper-with foil packaging.

Moreover, it’s not only the looks of the wrapper but also it’s negative effects on our environment. This whole marketing operation is costing the food giant about three million Swiss francs but I guess its worth the effort!

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