Crayon Rabbit Sculpture By Herb Williams: A playful masterpiece

Whoever said crayons are for kids is definitely in for a shock. Herb Williams has just proved that these so-called kiddy accessories are as much fun to adults as they are to kids and help earn a lot of moolah. Instead of using the crayons to paint a perfect picture, Herb has used crayons to build a perfect sculpture! Herb creates unique and wonderful works that allude to serious cultural icons as well. The cheerful-looking rabbit is just another example of his skill. Made of fiberglass and crayons, this rabbit is definitely a masterpiece. So for all those looking for some playful and unique artworks, Herbs’ masterpieces are definitely a must buy. Measuring 17 1/2″ x 12″ x 12″ in size, this spirited bunny is priced at a whopping $12,000 (please consider that hard work gone into creating it) and available at Vivre.

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