Cricket fans can now skip the 29-year-long queue to secure a seat in the famed Lord’s Pavilion with a lifetime membership of the MCC

Securing a seat in the pavilion at Lord’s is no easy feat. However, the otherwise impossible task along with the massive 29-year waiting list to join the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) can now be skipped by wealthy connoisseurs with a life-long membership to the club! Yes, that’s right!

The move was introduced after MCC’s 18,500 full members voted 5,144 to 1,330 at its annual meeting to allow existing associates as well as outsiders to secure a lifelong membership of the cricket club by paying anywhere between £55,000 and £75,000 or $ 67,600 and $92,188 (approx.).

Commenting on it, an anonymous an MCC stalwart has earlier stated, ‘It’s a sad reflection on the game. If people have that kind of money, they can hire a box at Lord’s and support the MCC in that way. Running a cricket ground is getting expensive and it’s not getting any cheaper.’

The scheme is said to have been introduced to tackle the massive £30 million loss in revenue caused by Covid-19 which has severely abrupted financial flows from International cricket and its allied hospitality functions. The pandemic has also affected the redevelopment of the Compton and Edrich stands at the grounds, a project that is estimated to cost a whopping £52 million.

While the offer for the lifelong membership to the MCC may have been criticized by many, cricket enthusiasts sure seem to be rejoicing!

[Via: Tatler]

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