Döttling unveils the Guardian, it¹s first ever travel safe offering

How do you travel with your personal goodies, your precious watches? Huge safes and bulging wallets will affect your security and make you seem unstylish too. So carry all your expensive watches with you on all your exotic journeys with “The Guardian” – the world’s first travel safe from Döttling. The “multi-walled” cylinder-shaped safe has a leather outer shell and a top-secret carbide component that is almost as hard as a diamond and can keep drills and saws attacks at bay. It also boasts of “several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric” that is found in bulletproof vests. The outermost and innermost walls are crafted using polycarbonate, a common component in anti-riot shields and helmet visors. The safe’s “door,” which opens with a 3-digit code, has also been crafted using aramid carbon-fiber fabric. Once opened, the lock, which is made up of four high-gloss polished steel bars, slides through.

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The safe can be customized, too: the high-gloss polished stainless steel handle brackets can feature engravings, and you can pick any leather or fabric option of the outer finish. Finished with a handle as well as a shoulder strap, this 35 cm long cylinder with a 13.5 cm diameter can also go inside your suitcase without issues. It is light, too, weighing around 4 kg, making it featherweight considering all the frills it packs in.

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