Dutch Lab Designs Steampunk Coffee Machine That Looks like a Doomsday Device

If you’re an antique collector or just happen to love new age Steampunk designs of everyday technology or objects, or if you just have to have your daily caffeine fix in as unique a way as possible, then you’re going to love the AKMA Steampunk coffee machine. The design of this coffee machine can be a little intimidating, but that was the developers point it would seem. The name AKMA is derived from the Korean word for ‘devil’. It seems to be apt for this rather large and intricately put together device that looks like some kind of contraption a mad scientist put together in his underground lair.

steampunk-coffee-machine-3Designed for cold drip coffee, this ‘unusual’ coffee maker contains a 3-liter water tank, three coffee tanks for 100 to 150 grams of coffee grounds, and three coffee servers. It’s been crafted to be a very stable structure using a 3-leg style design so that users can easily pull out the flask without a problem. According to sources, the specially designed and calibrated valves can allow titration to be a little more accurate for the best results. They can also be easily disassembled for cleaning when required. Silicone tops are used to ensure that the liquid doesn’t flow. Built primarily with aluminium (to prevent rust), with flasks of borosilicate to resist heat, the AKMA coffee machine pretty much runs on gravity.

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steampunk-coffee-machine-5So even though it looks like a dooms day device built by some super villain, perhaps all it actually does is make the coffee to end all coffees!

[Via – Designboom]

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