Duvet Platinum Passion- New York’s priciest Cocktail

If you want to go out for a night of drinking and money is no object, you’re best bet is the Duvet Platinum Passion at Duvet. Duvet gives diners a new reason to stay in bed! At Duvet, the dine-in-bed hotspot in New York City, you can sip a $1,500 cocktail called the Duvet Platinum Passion. The drink is a blend of L’ésprit de Courvoisier (roughly $6,000/bottle), Ruinart champagne and a special syrup that uses passionfruit, forest berries, wildflower honey and brown sugar and was created by Duvet’s head mixologist, a gentleman named Brendan. The drink is served in a frosted champagne flute and garnished with a flawless white orchid.

It was introduced over a year ago, on Valentine’s Day in 2005, and only 4 have been sold since then. People whine, moan and complain about the high prices, but, perhaps inevitably, gourmets and expense accounters alike are drawn to the place, if for no other reason than to determine if any of it is worth such exorbitant prices.

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