Euroitalia to launch fresh Versace fragrances

The name Versace is synonymous with the ultimate in fashion and cosmetic beauty. The Versace collection is natural and refined, chic and sporty, modern and feminine, sexy, and glamorous. It is for those who want the best in fashion and beauty. Each product bears the many symbols of the Versace lifestyle – luxury, glamour, and sensuality. Currently, Euroitalia is all set to augment its Versace fragrance business forthcoming year with two flagship launches for both the sexes. The fresh fragrances will make the most of the robust sales generated this year by Versace Bright Crystal. The new Versace feminine fragrance, which will make its debut next summer, recalls the roots of the fashion house. The flacon is square and heavy, with an aluminum or gold color scheme. The packaging sports the house’s signature Medusa motif. The corresponding men’s fragrance will be launched in autumn 2007. It will be presented in a rectangular, faceted bottle, and colored dark blue.

The Versace Bright Crystal has been particularly successful in Asia, thanks to its fresh-floral juice, pink color scheme, and eye-catching advertising visual. Euroitalia is also supporting its existing men’s lines, such as The Dreamer. Although the names and the prices of the yet to be unveiled are not yet disclosed.

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