Ever wonder how much it would cost to live on the moon? Residents could pay $325,067 a month in mortgage for homes with meteor proof windows, solar panels and greenhouses.

Are you keen to live on the moon? If your answer is yes then you need to read this post to understand the cost of your celestial living. NASA is readying to send the first woman and next man to the moon in order to eventually colonize the Earth’s natural satellite. This has intrigued a credit broker for consumer credit products Money, to release the first-ever moon mortgage guide that reveals living on the lunar surface. As one would expect the price to live on the moon is absolutely astronomical (pun intended) – a whopping $325,067 a month! The price includes costs to create homes with features such as air seals, industrial-strength air-con and heaters, meteor-proof windows, insulation, and organic sources of energy which sums up to nothing less than $40 million. The guide isn’t just monetary but also educates the consumer on surviving and thriving in the new moon life and teaches how to live life in the new environment. From growing food to generating power, it summarizes the requirements for each aspect of moon life. For those who think they are currently living in a new normal owing to the pandemic, let it be known the new normal is one involving a lunar lifestyle especially with us Homo sapiens crowding Planet Earth beyond its capacity. NASA aims to combat this problem with the Artemis mission set to take off in 2024. They will send a crew to the moon who will explore the lunar surface with the hopes of constructing a stable habitat. This team will study the atmosphere on the moon and determine the cost of a house on the Moon right from the raw materials needed to build a house, the special materials needed according to the moon’s atmosphere, astronauts required to travel to build, and the average cost of transporting materials to the moon.

Money shares in the study, ‘The most efficient way to generate electricity on the Moon is to buy a small nuclear reactor costing a hefty $1.3 billion. Alternatively, investing in 34 solar panels would generate enough electricity to run one house and cost only a modest $23,616 in comparison.” even if lunar residents learn to grow their own food supply, a household of four people will require seven greenhouses and 5.4 tons of water every year for vegetation and hygiene. While studies do reveal the presence of some water on the moon NASA says that it still cannot support life as we know it – mainly because of its very thin atmosphere. Why tread that way then?

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[Via: Science Times]

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