Exousía 24K Gold Luxury Water – Sip on to liquid gold

As the festive season is setting in with ease, the gold fever is catching on with vigor. After reading about the gilded Playstation 3 Slim, Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition, iPod Supreme in solid gold and the Golden Cart, you will certainly need to sip on to some water to come out of the Midas world in to reality. To quench your thirst, allow me to serve the world’s first luxury water-based on 24-carat gold! Infused with anti-aging and anti-stress elements of pure gold, Exousia Luxury is designed exclusively to enable interaction between the unique 24K Gold exousía and particles of water. Packed in a virgin glass bottle, the contents retain the luxurious benefits of the dazzling metal. Available in limited edition, the Exousía 24K Gold Luxury Water is certainly meant for the King Midas of today. (Gilded) Gulp!

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