Exquisite billiards table at Harrods for $1.6million

A billiards player with an aesthetic taste is sure to love this beautiful black walnut billiards table. An antique piece was commissioned for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition in Manchester in 1887 and created by Orne & Sons Ltd. The one-of-a-kind Royal table even beats the Brunswick Exposition Novelty table when it comes to design and beauty. An exquisite table, its cushion friezes are decorated with ribbons of quotations from Shakespeare, Tennyson, Scott, and Byron and embellished with over fifty species of wildflowers and native British birds. Beneath the friezes, panels are depicting numerous countries. That is not all. Between the panels and above each leg, there are carved portraits of Royals, including William of Normandy, Henry I, Henry II, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward II, and many more.

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The beautiful billiards table comes accompanied by a matching cupboard. The cupboard, shaped like a door and carved with seven panels, depicts various stages of Victoria’s reign. The upper four coats of arms show Victoria during the most important stages of her rule. The central section features Victoria and Albert beside Windsor Castle while the lower section depicts the royal residences of Holyrood and Caernarvon. The second section slides open to reveal a game with stars and colored counters, which can be rotated to form a scoreboard. A beautiful set, it is definitely hard to resist piece for antique collectors and connoisseurs of art.
The exquisite set is available from Harrods for £1 million (1.6million).

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