Extravagant H&R Gold Springs

Gold is no longer restricted to ornamental use. It’s found its feet in the computer market, and now it makes its way in the motor world. Gold-plated accessories have been used to decorate beloved cars earlier, but his time we have that we have Gold Springs for a car. The first order for the springs came from the owner of a Ferrari 430 Spider from Dubai. But now these springs will are available for all makes and models. H&R has come up with a process that allows the gold plating to stay on despite the load changes the springs will bear through the course of regular driving.

The GOLD option is available for all H&R sport springs for an additional charge of around 2,000 Euros ($2600) for the set, depending on the size of the springs. This debut of the especially exclusive kind combines the typical H&R attributes of sporty handling, optimized active safety, and highest quality with extravagant looks.

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