Fabergé Museum acquires a rare leftover breakfast plate for $1.1 million

Just recently, we came across Fabergé’s United States debut. Now, the Fabergé Museum in Baden Baden has acquired a rare item in the form of a still-life left-over breakfast plate! Created by Peter Karl Fabergé himself, this artistic piece is a blend of avant-garde art and jewelry and comes with a fried egg made from amber and white enamel, a fish skeleton and a whole fish made from silver, cigarette butts made from quartz and silver, a newspaper dated 18th October 1905 (the day the Tsar signed the October Manifesto) made from silver, to flies made from silver, and to down it all, a rock crystal-made glass of Vodka! Priced at a total of $1.1 million, this is probably the most expensive unpalatable breakfast in the world!

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