Fancy a $5000 Christmas globe with diamond snow and your family’s 3D sculpt inside

With Christmas just around the corner and you and your family gear up for the annual Christmas card photo, maybe this year you could do something a little more exclusive. Perhaps instead of a simple paper thin Christmas card you could try sending out a Diamond Christmas Snow Globe from These are no ordinary snow globes; far from it, these spectacular items are true to their name and actually have, bona fide, diamond ‘snow’ under the dome.

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The exclusivity factor comes from the fact that each globe can feature a very personalised, bespoke piece of miniature art inside which could include tiny sculpts of you and your family and even pets enjoying winter as it should be. Crafted by Leah Andrews who also happens to be known as the ‘Queen of Snow Globes’, these little works of art look quite fantastic and most assuredly a new and luxurious era in the Snow Globe industry. Andrews had this to say – “Each Snow Globe is hand sculpted and painted by my snow globe design and production company. I have worked with all kinds of materials but never with diamonds. This is a truly unprecedented initiative.”
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Taking ‘Ice’ to the next level, these specially customised Snow-Globes will feature Five 0.07 carat diamonds that will be affixed to the inner setting and five additional diamonds that will remain loose within the sealed globe, so when you hold the globe upside down, the loose diamonds will twinkle down the inner wall of glass. The base of the globe can be engraved with a personal message or even a family crest.
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Each globe will set you back about $5000 which might make for a rather expensive Christmas gift, but if being exclusive is what you want, this is as good as it gets for now.
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