Fancy a solid gold diamond encrusted chess set for $370,000

Some may sing songs about the wonders of chess and how the game breeds the strategic thinker in you, but ever wondered how exquisite the set itself could be? The House of Solid Gold is living up to its accolades with the introduction of this chess set that is decked with 18-carat gold and diamonds. Called the Royal Chess Set, this is one fit for the kings!

gold-diamonds-chess-set (2)
The surface of the set is awash with beautifully arranged black and yellow-golden diamonds that outline the checks on the board. It is entirely handmade and took thirty craftsmen a cumulative 4,500 hours to bring this amazing chessboard forth. A total of 4,874 black diamonds and yellow-golden diamonds sit atop this chessboard. The diamonds weigh 125.5 carats.

The chessboard is about 1.2 kilograms of pure 18-karat gold, making it an invaluable collectible or display at a lavish home or enterprise. Each piece on the board is detailed to a great level, giving it an individualistic touch while maintaining the rhythmic beauty of the entire setup.

The ensemble is available in a Louis Vuitton case that is also hand-crafted. It goes without saying that this one would be very, very expensive. $370,000 is the price tag it bears.

[ Available at : Thehouseofsolidgold Via : Luxatic ]

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