Featuring 17 fan favorite characters – Netflix to introduce an NFT collection on Stranger Things

It’s the season of NFTs! And presenting you with the latest is Netflix in association with Candy Digital. Together the marquees are set to introduce an NFT collection that is inspired by the popular and raging hit series – Stranger Things.

Commenting on it, Candy Digital in a tweet said, “Can you feel ‘em creeping up on you? July 14th is your date to unwrap @Stranger_Things digital collectibles and discover a new dimension of fandom.” The first set that drops on Thursday will feature 17 different characters from Season Four of the Netflix original.

The novel first release will include a total of 11,111 tokens featuring fan favorites like Eleven, Dustin, and Max. Further, of all the characters, 11 will have the most limited edition run with only 223 total NFTs available.

Commenting on its association with Netflix, CEO of Candy Digital Scott Lawin, in a statement, said, “Our collaboration with Netflix showcases Candy Digital’s commitment to expanding and deepening the ways that fans interact with the content, characters, and stories they are passionate about.”

The NFTs boast dynamic, poster-style artwork and will make a great deal for fans of Strangers Things fans and NFT enthusiasts alike. Those interested will be able to purchase the virtual artwork at 2: 00 p.m. ET, Thursday, July 14 through to Tuesday, July 21 at netflix.candy.com.

Excited to get your hands on the exclusive NFTs?

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