For the first time a woman tops the list of 50 richest hedge fund managers

Time and again, the fairer yet smarter of the gender keep proving why so. We have had businesswomen and political leaders and spiritual mothers, and here is another feather in the cap of women power – Leda Braga – the first woman to ever land on the list of 50 richest hedge fund managers. Half the women who read this wouldn’t even know what hedge fund is – I stand guilty too. But hey! Beat this, wise man. The annual list from Alpha Magazine has given her this place deservedly because last year she earned about $60 million … the same year that she her funds made an operation debut. Her fun – Systematica Investments currently manages $10.2 billion in assets. That is more than what her previous employers make – where she was president and head of systematic trading.

If all this has passed through your head like an arrow hunting an apple – here is what it means: “A fund, usually used by wealthy individuals and institutions, which is allowed to use aggressive strategies” – says one website (Investorwords). So this company will take your money. Invest it in other reliable sources (risking it though) and then wait for profitable returns to flow in. this is what I have made out of it. I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

But – the jist is – way to go, Leda! Allow us to Brag(a) about ya!

[ Via : Fortune ]