Forget buggies this jet pack will take around the golf course in style and fast

Golf is the slowest game there is, and it is hard to imagine having to keep patient with the melodrama it attracts. But the sport has got a major ‘boost’. Like, propelling some 3,000 feet in the air at some 46mph. you cannot carry your Louis Vuitton special edition travel gear, but there will be space for a bag of golf clubs. Golf’s world number 5, Bubba Watson has shown the heights of loving a game like golf, and it does not look at all like a drag. He has partnered with Oakley (chosen brand) to launch the BW-Air – a flying golf jetpack.

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The “advertising stunt” comes in time to celebrate the news of the sport’s return to the Olympics in Rio in August this year. It was last seen in the games 112 years ago, in 1904. Oakley has partnered with Martin Aircraft Company to build this beauty which uses a 210 HP engine. If the FAA approves, you could have one for yourself for $200,000. A small price to avoid “ranting (golf) partners”.
bubba-watson-jet-pack (1)
If this works, Bubba Watson could perhaps sky-hop to Rio in a jetpack. For a later summer Olympics, maybe.

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