French sugar tax to fight obesity

Now this is something that deserves applause. The Frenchmen have shown their concern in the nutrition sector, especially for children by introducing new prohibitions and amendments. Not only that they are trying to proliferate the idea to the governments of other countries too. A sugar tax on “alcopop” drinks in France – leading to a big fall in sales – shows regulating the sales of unhealthy food and drinks can be effective, a visiting French lawmaker has told local MPs. Mr. Bur, a representative of French President Jacques Chirac’s conservative UMP party, has championed several initiatives aimed at cracking down on unhealthy habits, including banning snack machines in schools and a sugar tax on alcopop drinks.

After being convinced that the banning of snack-machines in schools proved effective he said New Zealand should institute a similar move. Another proposed French initiative was requiring snack food companies to put health warnings on advertisements aired in peak children’s television viewing times. If they failed to do this they would have to pay a 1.5 percent tax on their advertising budget. Now here is someone who sure knows how to make things work. New research published by the Obesity Action Coalition suggested that unhealthy food was contributing to obesity and reducing children’s ability to concentrate in the classroom. This research shows that poor nutrition is often linked to short attention spans, disruptiveness, and other behavioral and emotional issues which can all have a seriously detrimental effect on children’s learning. I can already see an A grade on their report cards.

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