From isolating in yachts to cleaning their Ferrari’s – Take a look at how the rich kids of Instagram are beating the Coronavirus blues

So how are you all coping with the lockdown? Some of us are confined to a room alone, some of us are in apartments but then there’s a whole another set of the moneyed kids who are confined to their sprawling mansions, with abundant space, amenities, and entertainment. There’s a lot of cash to maintain the flash, private jets, and yachts too! Called the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ they will make you feel a tad bit terrible about the quarantine. Let’s take a sneak peek into their lives at the time of Corona:

Birthday at the time of social distancing? That’s no lavish bash but this Richie Rich has McDonald’s to save the day. Do you also notice the Louis Vuitton mask?

Where are you riding to miss? That fancy car could well be bigger than my room!

3.You don’t have your senses in place? Someone lucky has time for golf practice during the quarantine.

The boys in this picture don’t just have more food than us all!

Someone’s shopping list is a little different from the rest of the world!

That is a Patek Philippe! In a fancy teacup! I just died!

The world looks really bad right now but not everyone enduring the quarantine! Dont believe us take a look at this hotshot

Shopping is never a bad idea especially when its Louis Vuitton.

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