New York City has an arcade-styled gym makes working out less monotonous

It isn’t unusual to keep yourself entertained in the gym. The reason being most gym activities being monotonous and require you doing the same activity for multiple reps and minutes. We do not deny that music is motivational too. Yet, is that enough to keep you from losing interest in what you do? How about a gym that basically puts you through an obstacle course of sorts, with a number of arcade-like workout sections that increase your activity and make you level up to those around you?

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Upper East Side NYC houses the Asphalt Green gymnasium and it looks nothing like your vanilla attic of dumbbells, mirrors, trainers and sweat. In fact it resembles a discotheque very closely. The high-intensity interval training course takes up a significant portion of the gym and the fluorescent guiding indicators stretch patrons to their physical best to attain balance, strength and speed. The LED lighting cues function as gym instructors, and comprise of activities spread across a 45-minute session. The workout may look like fun but is so intense that you could burn up to a thousand calories just dancing to tunes and not realizing it.

It is also among the earliest adopters of the PRAMA system that leverages pressure-sensitive walls and floors that are integrated with LED light and sound.

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