Gift the $2.2 million Space Shuttle Orbiter this Christmas

Christmas time is gifting time……we receive and give gifts from/to our loved ones. But with it comes the dilemma of picking up the perfect gift, especially for someone who has it all. Here is an out-of-the-world option for those who dare to pay the price! The Space Shuttle Orbiters is available for $2,200,000. These 1:1 replicas are pretty much of the same size as the original Space Shuttle Orbiters but assure they will not fly. Priced at $ 2.2 million, it is only meant for folks who love space collectibles and have the space to house them. It is an ideal gift for those who hate travelling to space but enjoy owning a piece of space in their (spacious) back yard.
[Spacetoys Via – Gizmodo]

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