Gold dazzles with a record breaking price of $1,040

All that glitters is not gold. But when it glitters with a record breaking price tag, then you can be certain that it’s pure Gold! Crossing $1,040 per ounce, this shining yellow metal has hit an all-time record. Touted to be one of this decade’s best performing assets, Gold price escalates by 15% per year. Also it’s the festive season worldwide in the last quarter of the year that sums up for the high price and higher demand. However weakened dollar can be blamed for the current surge of the price of the most desirable metal, Gold. Viewed as a secure investment, the metal has regained the investors’ faith as the crippled economy squiggles out of its worst downfall in decades. So it’s time to feel wealthier as you hatch your portion of gold.

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