Gold plated AK-47

Gold being a pricey metal is usually utilized to flaunt it on stuff like ornaments, cell phones, decorative showpieces and much more coherent objects. But only someone as fanatical as Saddam can cogitate of possessing gold AK 47. US troops discovered a large cache of light arms in a central Baghdad residence, including gold-plated rifles inscribed as gifts from President Saddam Hussein. Coalition servicemen in Iraq made a custom of posing for souvenir photographs holding Saddam’s golden guns. Greasy gold-plated AK 47 rifles carried the inscription in Arabic- “Gift to Mr President Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq” The weapons were given as gifts among Saddam’s family and cronies, but were also often produced on ceremonial occasions. A large number of gold plated guns found suggests that they were given as gifts to high ranking Bathe party members or used in Parades. Saddam also surrounded himself with gaudy objects including gold-plated lavatory seats, toilet brushes, showerheads and crockery. Weapons plated with gold or chrome are highly prized in the Middle East.

Troops and looters discovered gold-plated weapons in the Baghdad palace of Saddam’s son Uday, who was eventually killed by coalition forces. The one found by an American soldier in Baghdad on the 3rd of April 2003 was a golden gun, engraved with “A present from President Saddam Hussein”.

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