Grillz- a glitzy-ritzy way to bling up a smile

Gold teeth have been a fashion accessory for some time and can be recalled in the hip-hop community as far back as the early Eighties. To begin with, you got your belt, your chains, and banging ring, and now one more thing that’s the ultimate bling… Grillz. The latest and hottest trend in hip hop jewellery is one of the first to be almost exclusive to hip hop. Bling is the thing with hip hop jewellery and now you can take bling to a whole new level and a whole new place; your mouth. Grillz have become the hottest trend in hip hop jewellery thanks to artists like Paul Wall and Lil Jon. Grillz are a form of gold teeth or silver teeth that take the form of removable caps. The caps slip over your existing teeth, completely covering the original tooth. This gives the impression you have permanent silver, gold, or platinum teeth encrusted with as many diamonds or gemstones as you choose. Since these are removable, you can insert the caps and remove them as you wish.

As the industry leader in hip hop jewellery, IcedOutGear has always stayed on top of the latest trends and styles. Lately, it has added a vast selection of Grillz to their inventory. Genuine Grillz or gold teeth can cost thousands of dollars. For most, this is a mind-boggling sum to dig out for jewellery to put in your mouth. But IcedOutGear’s Grillz and gold teeth will give you the same look for just about $40.

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