With a $266 million budget Grand Theft Auto V, is the most expensive game ever created

If you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time online off-late, you might’ve noticed gamers around the world going berserk with the release of Rockstar North’s newest installation of the Grand Theft Auto series, the Grand Theft Auto V game. Better known as GTA 5, the game is tipped to be the most expensive computer game ever created! With a budget of 170 million pounds, or simply put, $266,000,000, Rockstar North has also spent considerably on the game’s advertising and merchandising.

The game boasts a 49-square-mile world and allows players to go scuba diving, hijack trains, cars, trucks, bikes, buses, and more. Obviously, the makers of this game haven’t spent it all on a game that’ll crash and boom. The GTA 5 game is expected to rake in Santa Clause sacks of moolah when it hits store shelves, and the game is expected to make nearly $1,568,900,000. If these dreams are realized, this will be the highest selling game ever introduced, and GTA 5 will mark a place for itself in the history of computer games forever!

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[Via – Kotaku]

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