An observatory class telescope from Hammacher to observe the skies

Hammacher Schlemmer has introduced a very powerful and advanced telescope to its online catalogue. The telescope incorporates a design similar to the Ritchey-Chrétien which is used by the U.S. Naval Observatory’s telescope in Flagstaff, Arizona and also NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. It uses a coma-free optical system that eliminates aberrations to provide a flat and crisp field of view.

The optical performance of this is unmatched and adheres to the standards demanded by the world’s leading astronomical research institutions. The main tube with a diameter of 20 inch is made out of carbon fiber and its exceptional optics is ideal to observe the effects of stellar winds within the Orion Nebula, marveling at the counter-rotating cloud bands of Jupiter, or gazing at the one-trillion stars of the Andromeda Galaxy.

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The on-board computer uses the in-built GPS to track 144,000 celestial bodies stored in the memory of the unit. It can also take pictures of the celestial objects remotely using a large format CCD camera which is not included in the package. The massive telescope weighs 640 lbs and measures 104″ H x 76″ W x 42″ L. The telescope is priced at $35,000.

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[Via – Hammacher-Schlemmer]