An angry Texas man broke into an art museum and smashed $5 million worth of irreplaceable ancient artifacts. A pair of Greek pots were more than 2600 years old.

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21-year-old Brian Hernandez did with ancient, invaluable, irreplaceable relics what he could’ve managed with a punching bag. As per officials, he broke into the museum on Wednesday night and destroyed more than $5 million worth of art pieces because he got mad at his girl. The destroyed artworks included two ancient painted vessels, a 6th Century BCE Greek amphora and a 5th century BCE Greek pyxis which had a combined value of $5 million. He also shattered a Greek ceramic bowl from 550 BCE worth about $100,000 and a Caddo alligator figurine valued at $10,000.

This $100,000 Black-figure kylix dated back to 6th century BCE

Even the glass display cases were worth $17,000 each, proving the museum took great care to protect the relics. Hernandez entered the museum at about 9:40 p.m. Obviously closed at that hour, the youngster broke in using a metal chair to smash the glass entrance. The museum computer, phone, bench, and signage were also damaged amid all the action. As per NY Post, the guards had Hernandez sit on a bench while they called the police. When officers arrived, they arrested him for criminal mischief greater than $300,000.

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Hernandez lifted this Native American effigy bottle worth about $10,000 and smashed it on the ground.

“While we are devastated by this incident, we are grateful that no one was harmed. The safety of our staff and visitors, along with the care and protection of the art in our stewardship, are our utmost priorities,” museum administrators said in a statement, as per NY Post. Hernandez is being held in Dallas County Jail on a bond of $100,000. The damage cannot be reversed, but it does leave one wondering what infuriated the 21-year-old so much?

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Brian Hernandez. Via – Dallas Sheriff’s office.
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