Highest Paying Occupations In US

It can be difficult to find that ideal place in the workforce and make a good living to support your family…..exceptionally. Sometimes the best career paths don’t pay the best wages. Let’s face it, we all need a little more than just to pay those monthly bills and put food on the table. What career did you choose? Do you love it or hate it? How much money do you make, and do you wish you made more? These are common queries and concerns of most Americans. Do what you love and the money will follow is great in theory, but the truth of the matter is, certain jobs and fields simply pay more. Though many of these occupations require an advanced degree, there are jobs at every education level that pay more than other jobs for workers with similar levels of schooling. The highest-paying jobs are without a doubt difficult to attain. Most of these positions require tenacity and endurance. Some of the highest-paying jobs typically concern medicine. This is of course without Hollywood in the equation. Read on to know more….

Top Paying Jobs Overall
• Physicians and surgeons — $147,000
• Aircraft pilots — $133,500
• Chief executives — $116,000
• Electrical and electronic engineers — $112,000
• Lawyers and judges — $99,800
• Dentists — $90,000
• Pharmacists — $85,500
• Management analysts — $84,700
• Computer and information system managers — $83,000
• Financial analysts, managers, and advisors — $84,000
• Marketing and sales managers — $80,000
• Education administrators — $80,000
Top Paying Jobs That Do Not Require a High School Degree
These jobs tend to require substantial on-the-job training and work experience rather than formal education and schooling:
• Industrial production managers — $36,000
• Bailiffs, correctional officers and jailers — $36,400
• Drafters — $36,000
• Construction manager — $33,600
• Electricians — $31,900
Top Paying Jobs for High School Graduates
These occupations emphasize work experience and on-the-job training rather than formal education:
• Computer software engineers — $58,900
• Computer/information systems managers — $56,400
• Computer programmers — $55,000
• Network systems and data communications analysts — $49,000
• General and operations managers — $48,000
• Database, network, and computer systems administrators — $48,000
Top Paying Jobs for a Two-Year College Degree
The following jobs tend to be technical in nature, emphasizing skills developed on the job as well as job-specific training and certifications:
• Healthcare practitioners — $66,000
• Business analysts — $58,000
• Electrical and electronic engineers — $57,000
• Mechanical engineers — $56,800
• General and operations managers — $54,000
• Computer and information systems managers — $50,400

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