Hurricane Custom Billiards builds car themed Pool table for Will Castro

For the ignorant few, Will Castro is the front man at Unique Autosports, the shop featured in the well known Speed TV show “Unique Whips.” Going by the popularity of the show, it is but obvious that this front man has made a lot of profits. And his latest purchase only re-instills our belief that the guy is definitely raking in a lot of moolah these days. Will has ordered a one-off pool table from Hurricane Custom Billiards. The unique car themed table features a set of giant chrome wheels, brake rotors, a set of exhaust tips opposite the ball pocket and leather upholstery. A great piece, if you are ever in the Miami area, you can drop by Unique South’s showroom to have a look at this custom built table.

Since the starting price of Hurricanes models begin at $35,000, we can only imagine how much this custom built racy pool table has cost Will.

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