Ideal for a geeks den: A display piece that is the complete set of elements from the periodic table

If your special someone is a geek at heart or you identify as one yourself, it can’t get any better for you! Presenting a perfect gifting idea for all the nerds out there is Hammacher Schlemmer, with an exclusive display piece that features elements from the periodic table. Yes, that’s right!

The set comes with each element from the periodic table ensconced within 2″ x 2″ high-grade, hand-cast, and polished acrylic cubes for display on a wall. In total, it contains 85 cubes featuring ‘a real solid, gas, or liquid sample of an element encased in acrylic’ and 33 cubes containing artwork to represent those radioactive elements that are otherwise unsafe to handle or display such as polonium, fermium, and plutonium.

The 118-element set further includes samples of radon and radium as well as uranium, each securely contained within glass ampules inside their acrylic cubes. Each of the cubes can also be removed from display for a closer look, thereby allowing you to gaze at the glitter of gold, the flow of mercury, or the invisible nobility of neon – up and close!

Measuring 1/4″ W x 21 1/2″ H x 1 1/2″ D and weighing 80 lbs., the display piece can be identified as Item 14949 on Hammacher Schlemmer. It is currently in stock and retails at $13,000. Fancy buying one?

[Available at: Hammacher Schlemmer]

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