Immortalize yourself into a doll at Tokyo’s Clone Factory

If MJ can be recreated as an action figure, then why can’t you? Well, if that is how you truly feel, then head over to Japan’s Clone Factory, where they offer you cloned doll versions of your self, all using a special 3D printer. However, these Jibun-san (me) dolls are just static dolls that don’t talk, change expressions, or have moveable parts. But if you are still fine with it, you can head over to the Clone Factory office at Akihabara, Tokyo, to get yourself a ‘you’ doll!

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Once there the staff takes high-resolution photos of your head at every angle to help a 3D printer to get the shape mapped to the T, which produces a plaster head painted to look just like you. Priced at $1,770, they do make for good souvenirs!

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