In a first of its kind – Dubai university is offering a full-time diploma course in being a social media influencer

There is now a course in Dubai that helps you become a full-time social media influencer. Yes, you are reading this correctly. If there ever was a right or wrong time for the obsession with social media to become a full-time course, it is now. On second thoughts now you can at least blame what you see and suffer on social media to bad education. Not judging the course or the teachers but is it really the need of the hour? Don’t people know enough already? Isn’t being glued to your phone 4-8 hours of the hours spent with your eyes open enough? So what is in store for pupils who have an interest in this field? Starting Sept. 8, the six-course program has been developed in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication (MBRSC), at the American University in Dubai. The aim here is to expand the professional knowledge of Arab social media influencers and enable them to produce innovative and effective content in a rapidly changing environment.

Ali Jaber, Dean of the MBRSC, highlighted the importance of the program saying,” The program was developed by an elite group of university professors with different specialisations in media, strategic communications, journalism, and media innovation. It will cover all aspects of social media through six courses.” That sounds a tad promising when you hear him say it right? I guess this is Dubai gearing up to embrace the future! Let’s see who follows suit.


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